Thank you for visiting the Whitehorse Poetry Society. We're in the process of transforming into a broader group of writers and readers called the Yukon Writers' Collective Ink. 

Everyone's welcome to join Ink and share ideas for writing-related events and projects in Yukon. If you'd like to find out more, feel free to email jo dot lilley at rocketmail dot com.

About the Whitehorse Poetry Society
The Whitehorse Poetry Society organised poetry and poetry-related events in Yukon, including four successful poetry festivals in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013.

Hear the 2013 festival poets
Poets from all across Canada plus as far afield as the UK came to Yukon for the Whitehorse Poetry Festival in June 2013.  Listen to CBC Airplay interviews with some of them: Jo Shapcott, Stephanie Bolster, Garry Thomas Morse, Brad Cran and Dina Del Bucchia.

Where are we?
We're in the north. Whitehorse is in Canada's Yukon, above the 60th parallel. Our territory stretches over the Arctic Circle and if we're lucky we have snow for at least five months a year.

Find out more about poetry in Yukon.

Garry Thomas Morse
Stephanie Bolster by Thomas Bolster
Dina Del Bucchia by Ruth Skinner
Ian LeTourneau by Sherry Coffey
Brad Cran by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
Lily Gontard by Gary Bremner Photography
Jamella Hagen by Tamea Burd
Noelle Allen by Jeff Tessier
Kitty Lewis by Stephen Reichert
Jo Shapcott by Johnny Ring
Michael Lista
Bren Simmers by Vivienne McMaster